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Are you experiencing resistance to GLSENs Day of Silence organizing or activities from your school administrators or faculty? If you are a student in a U.S. K-12 school and feel like your rights are not being respected, please fill out this form to let us know! Not sure what your rights are? Please click here to read The Freedom to Speak (Or Not) from Lambda Legal.

PLEASE NOTE: Information is shared with GLSEN and Lambda Legal, and if you provide contact information, Lambda Legal may contact you to follow up.

Request for Assistance [A representative from Lambda Legal will contact you]

Report School [Lambda Legal will not contact you, but their ability to correct the problem will be limited]

What is the name of school?

City and state where school is located:

Is this a public or private school?

Your name:

Student   Parent   Faculty   GSA Advisor   Other:

Your email: [Preferably not a school email address]

Your phone:
Cell   Work   Home  

What is your age/grade?

If you are a student, are your parents/guardians supportive of your GLSEN Day of Silence participation?
Yes   No

Is your Day Of Silence sponsored by a club like a GSA?
Yes   No

If yes, what is the name of the club?

What is happening at the school?
Not allowed to use PA
Not allowed to put up posters
Not allowed to distribute materials
Not allowed to wear T-shirt
Required to speak during class
Required to wear school uniform/adhere to dress code rules
Other (please describe the situation)

How do you know?
I was directly affected
I heard it from others
I was told by a school official (please enter name of school official and title)

If you know or can find out, please tell us what the student handbook or school website says about the school policy on distributing information or hanging up posters?

Are you being prevented from doing activities that other students/groups have been allowed to do?Ex. Other clubs have handed out flyers for events, but we have been told we can't do it for GLSENs Day of Silence.

Yes   No

If the answer is yes and your GLSEN Day of Silence is NOT sponsored by a club, please describe the types of posters that you have seen other students hang up that were not school or club sponsored or PA announcements that you have heard announced that were not school or club sponsored.

Have you or students in this school been threatened with some kind of disciplinary procedure?
Yes   No

If so, what?

Are you or students in this school currently facing discipline for participating in a GLSEN DoS activity?
Yes   No

If so, what?

Have you or students in this school been told that they will be suspended or have been suspended for their speech activities?
Yes   No

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Please be aware that if Lambda Legal assists you with this issue, they may be able to do so without identifying you to your school. However, you could be indirectly identified as the source for the information based on your efforts to participate in GLSENs DoS.

Why be silent?
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